Should I choose Massage or Chiropractic ?

Massage or Chiropractic that’s often the question and the answer is not exactly straight forward. One could say it often relates to whom you talk to… first….  but I have an interesting rational I’ll share with you here. flying in the face of my own personal Chiropractic bias, I often say both.

I have often heard Chiropractors say, “You don’t need massage, just adjustments. Misalignment causes compensatory muscular changes and all you need is to be straightened out and the muscle spasms you have will disappear.”

Alternatively I have heard Massage therapists say, “You don’t need Chiropractic, muscles that are in spasm cause misalignment in the spine and when we get rid of those spasms the spine will correct itself.”

My contention is that both of those arguments are half right. If you leave half of the problem untreated, how is it going to remain healed ? without treating both sides of the problem, the template for disaster is still intact.  It is my belief that you need to treat both aspects of this issue to get healthy, and STAY healthy. As a result my advice, BOTH !

I treat my patients to a little deep tissue work each and every visit. I follow that with Interferential current often called “Micro Massage” why, I think you will respond better to Chiropractic treatments with tissue work in conjunction to the adjustments. That is not to say I am giving you a full deep tissue massage each and every visit. But you are getting SOME as part of every visit. If you have a Massage Therapist you like to work with I think it would very much add to your overall healing experience and I am happy to work in conjunction with your Massage Therapist in partnership for your overall well being.