These are a collection of Patient Testimonials that appear on Google and Yelp. I thank my patients for their many kind words about my services.

“After years of all types of sports both traditional and extreme, then add in a number of car wrecks and “boys just being boys” the ole body just does not work the same as it did. I was refereed to Dr Camp because of three herniated disc in my neck. I have gone to chiropractors in the past and I must say Dr Camp’s methods took the treatment to another level. Over the past month I have gone from an extremely straight neck… like a pogo stick to on with a curve. My back and neck pain have all but subsided. I can’t wait to see the results as the treatment continues.” ~Bryan E~


“I met Dr. Camp about ten years ago through two friends of mine. He has really helped me with both maintenance care and my more than a few injuries. I really trust Dr. Camp and he treats more than a fewworld class windsurfers both in the San Francisco Bay Area and out at the Delta.” ~Jason Voss~

“Best chiropractor in San Francisco!! Seriously. “I’ve been living with chronic back pain for 8 years. Recently it started to get worse. It was becoming excruciatingly painful and left me unable to walk upright for days, unable to sleep, etc. Finally I decided to visit a chiropractor. I’ve seen other chiropractors before, but always felt ripped off paying a lot of money for little attention to my problem. Not so with Dr. Camp! My first session with him took more than an hour, and didn’t cost a penny more. When I first found Dr. Camp on Yelp about a month ago, I called many different chiropractors in San Francisco trying to find the “best deal” and not only did Dr. Camp have better reviews — he was also the most affordable!! It’s been about a month now and I feel a lot better — in fact, better than I’ve ever felt in the last 8 years. Had I known this type of treatment was possible as opposed to what I had gotten from other chiropractors in the past, I would have gone to see Dr. Camp a LONG time ago. Another awesome thing worth noting was the really careful analysis we went through during the first session. Other chiropractors I visited before only asked me questions and felt my back (well except for one — who also scanned my chakras *grin*). Dr. Camp suggested we do an X-ray to see the mechanics of my neck and back. Then he plotted lines and measured the curvature, calculating the force of gravity on my spine. As an engineer — I could appreciate this, and could definitely see how having my spine out of place could result in increased wear-and-tear on my back. After we finish treatment in about a month, we’ll do another X-ray again to see how much it has improved. Talk about fact-driven treatment! Rock on Dr. Camp! Thanks for saving me from daily back pain and making me feel comfortable about running again.” ~Allan G~

TimMuzzin “I have been living with chronic back pain for most of my life and in really excruciating pain for     the last 10 years. I recently started going to Dr. Camp, I have have been pain free for almost two  weeks now. I have a very active life style which involves high impact sports (martial arts training), which I thought I would have to give up, but since I have been going to Dr. Camp, I not only can continue my martial arts training, but I can do it pain free! What I like about Dr. Camp’s approach is that he does a complete assessment of your mobility and movement and thoroughly understands your condition before treatment. His process is not a quick fix, it’s a long term solution. He has not only treated the pain, but he has trained me to adjust my posture and has provided me crucial stretching and exercise routines to keep my back strong and pain free. I never thought I could live a pain free life, but Dr. Camp has made it possible. I highly recommend Dr. Camp to anyone. Don’t just come in for a quick fix, follow the program and you will experience amazing results. (Its been three months now and I’ve been doing Martial Arts I was formerly afraid to do due to my back pain I am totally pain free. Again, after ten years of pain this is amazing.)” ~Tim M~

“This man SAVED my spine! I am so grateful that I found Dr Camp. I was a mess when i started seeing him 5 years ago, and he really helped me get my body back to a place where I can move and feel good. He knows his stuff: he is practical and is not the kind of chiropractor that is trying to keep you on beyond your needed care. He wants his patients to get better and get back out into the world. I am so grateful that i found a good chiropractor in SF in Dr Camp!!!!!!!!” ~London E~


I was taking a golf vacation in  Scotland and was thinking of canceling it as my shoulder hurt so bad I thought I couldn’t play. One visit with Dr. Camp and I was good to go.

Macke’s pick for best health investment, a visit with Dr. Camp!

~Jeff Macke~  As seen on CNBC’s Fast Money!

“I read others reviews and decided to come here for my back and neck pain. Wow. I never felt better. It is amazing how he made me feel. Better then I ever have. All the regular docs in the medical field disregard chiro’s. They must be jealous. The regular MD’s never fixed my pain. They like to medicate. No meds here. Thanks. Your the Best.” ~Char A~

Jean S. - Bodybuilder

“Dr. Camp is the greatest guy in the world. Thanks for all your help and support.”

~Jean S~

“Orthotics fm Dr Camp fixed persistent back pain that was due to my flat feet. Then he suggested a few follow up adjustments which I was skeptical about. Wow was I wrong. He really knows what he’s talking about. He made me feel so much stronger and I know that my posture is improved. He designed a custom orthotic for my bike shoes and I had much better performance on the AIDS Ride this year. I recommend him unreservedly. You’ve never felt so good!!!” ~Billy S~

“Dr. Camp is a highly knowledgeable,skilled, and results-oriented chiropractor. I have used chiropractic services intermittently over the past five years and find it refreshing and satisfying to have a doctor that takes an active and genuine interest in my health concerns.”
~Dannah L ~


“I was working in construction and was up on a scaffolding holding up a large window. I was twisting my back trying to get it into place. I had such sudden pain I had to go through the window as I couldn’t make it down the scaffold.

My wife is a mammography tech so I tried everything medical including spinal epidural and physical therapy.  After two months of constant pain I was pretty much hopeless then I found Dr. Camp on the internet. Two treatments and I was back on the job with minimal pain. It was a miricle for me and I only wish I found him sooner.”                ~Pete C~

“I’ve always walked to work downtown from my home in the Marina area. My low back pain was getting terrible such that I had started to take the bus. I had seen Dr. Camp’s office for years and finally walked in to query him about my condition.He did a thorough examination and took x-rays after which I underwent a course of treatments. Soon my back pain subsided completely and I am back to my all my regular activities. I heartily recommend Dr. Camp and praise his contentious work and delightful sense of humor.”
~Nigel M~

“I was diagnosed with arthritis in both my knees by my doctor. I wasn’t running and had pain walking up and down stairs. Hopeless I went to see Dr. Camp. He evaluated my knees and then treated me with Chiropractic, within a week I was running again and am pain free. Thanks Dr. Camp for giving me my life back.” ~Michelle W~


I am a fitness professional and therapist. I have been doing body work, injury prevention and treatment for over 20 years.

When I need my body adjusted or have an injury – I only trust the hands of Dr. Camp. He is knows his stuff. He has impeccable standards and knowledge far beyond his credentials. I recommend him to all my clients, friends and family. he is funny too 😉
~Toni D~

“Dr. Camp is thorough, personable and effective. When he tells you that you’re not meant to be in pain, he not only means it, he has the means to effect the changes to get you out of pain. My first examination with Dr. Camp was a long diagnostic of the current state of my posture and alignment, with the good doctor taking a great deal of time to not only show me, but also make sure that I understood, what was causing my pain and what needed to happen to fix it. The tools and techniques and red flags that Dr. Camp brought to my attention have increased my quality of life. He’s not afraid to say the things that kick you in the pants while still being supportive and caring. I can’t recommend Dr. Camp enough.” ~Bob M~


“I was referred to Dr. Camp by one of his long term patients. I was experiencing pain from a torn hamstring. I was also feeling stressed out because it was impacting my work outs.
Dr. Camp immediately put me at ease with his great sense of humor. He applied electric stimulation to my hamstring, as well as gave me adjustments, and stretched my muscles. Dr. Camp’s treatments proved to be very helpful to my hamstring recovery and I’ve been able to resume strenuous Pilates and weight training exercise. What a relief! Thanks to Dr. Camp.” ~Moana L~

“There came a time in my life where I was in so much neck and upper back pain I had stopped laughing. This is so not me it was devastating. My friends even commented on it. My primary physician told me it was just getting older and that I’d have to live with it. I am only thirty two. I went to Dr. Camp who took an x-ray of my neck. He then explained to me how the curve in my neck was causing the pain. I saw him three times a week for two months. We took another x-ray and you could see the difference it was as plain as day. I was actually looking forward to the holidays with my family and laughing again. Dr. Camp is a godsend.”
~Jolene L~
“I’ve known Dr. Camp for years because if his sponsorship of ABK Boardsports Windsurfing Camps. I met him at an ABK Camp in Rio Vista where I was teaching in the summer of 2003 and I’ve trusted him to help me with my injuries ever since. In the 2004 King of the Bay Competition I injured my foot, Dr. Camp taped me up and I went on to win it for the third straight year in a row. Thanks Dr. C”

~Tyson Poor~ US 22

KatI was originally referred to Dr. Camp for Orthotics but when I find someone who knows what they are doing, has experience and is knowledgable with a genuine passion for their field I stick with them – and in this case Dr. Camp is now my chiropractor too!
I’ve been to chiropractors in the past, but never have I encountered one so thorough and exact. His approach to chiropractics goes above and beyond back and neck, to include entire body alignment. He even adjusted my knee and ankle and my lifelong knee pain has been gone ever since! Dr. Camp is what I’ve always hoped a chiropractor would be like, but had never found until now. If you’ve been to chiroprators in the past you’ve seen the rest, now experience the best! ~Kat G.~

“My son and I began seeing Dr. Camp in February 2008 following an auto accident. Not only are his diagnostic abilities excellent but his knowledge of the human body is complete and his treatment is consistent, healing and humorous, to top it all off! He is a very personable man who I find easy to communicate with. Both my son and I have had improvement in our injuries since beginning treatment with Dr. Camp. We have no doubt that we are in the best hands possible. In addition to Dr. Camp’s abilities as a chiropractor, he is also well versed in the ins and outs of dealing with insurance companies and claims process and procedures. He thinks first of his patient’s needs and then of his own. I highly recommend Dr. Ed Camp for your chiropractic needs.” ~Cheryl K~


“When I come through San Francisco on Tour I see Dr. Camp at least a few times. I hit my record drive of 342 yards after he worked on me.I can’t say enough about Dr. Camp he’s a champion in his own right. Not only a great Chiropractor but a really nice guy too.

~David S~      USPGA Masters Pro

“I had a back injury and lived with it for over ten years. I saw four Chiropractors two physical therapists and acupressure for it and got temporary relief at best. (One or two made me worse.) I accidentally met Dr. Camp socially then went to him as a patient later. The first time I saw him he gave me a diagnostics that were ten times longer than any visit I had with any other Chiropractor. He was thorough with his exam and explained everything to me. Within four visits I was almost completely pain free. Now I have RARE flare ups nothing like what I used to have when I lived with what I called normal pain. I’ve been a personal trainer for twenty one years and referred many of my clients to Dr. Camp with similar results. All of them thanked me for the referral. I’m a personal Trainer and Dr. Camp has helped me design rehab programs for myself and my clients. He’s a genuine, caring, competent man and I wouldn’t send anyone to anyone else.
~Gus A~

Adam Z. - USA Rugby, Israeli Olympics 2009

“Ive had knee trouble, hamstring trouble an back trouble. Thank God for Dr. Camp, he keeps me in the game!”

~ Adam Z~ USA Rugby

“Dr. Camp is both personable and professional. Over the course of a decade, he has helped me to get over the aches and pains of sports injuries many times. And a great website, very helpful and full of info.” ~Zig Z~

“Excellent adjustments. Dr. Camp is as good as it gets. Do yourself a favour and make an appointment. Your body will thank you. ” ~Alistair G~

DeniseI had torn my rotator cuff while windsurfing and I had a marathon to run just a few days later. It was recommended that I have surgery for the shoulder by an orthopedist. Dr. Camp got an MRI, and saw that it wasn’t a complete tear and recommended that I tape it in a special way. He did that for me for eight weeks four days on two days off. First off I ran the marathon taped and it was fine. Second its been three years and I never had the surgery. Believe me I was very happy to avoid the surgery AND maintain function.” ~ Denise D~

Dr. Camp deserves every 5 star review posted at Yelp. He is a genuine, caring, personable Chiropractor who really cares about his patients. His posture work is revolutionary and really works. Everyone could benefit from a few visits to Dr. Camp.
~Leah Anne W~

hollyI have had neck pain for about 10 years from computing, bike riding and nursing my children. I went to see Dr. Ed Camp because I really needed to get rid of the burning in my neck. Dr. Camp did a great careful consultation and it was such a relief to find out this was real and could get better. He took time to x-ray my neck and show how the curve was not as it should be. No wonder I was in pain. It was jutting out, not curving back and needed to be re-trained. Dr. Camp explained that I would need to stretch and re-train my muscles. I started his program of frequent visits to stretch my neck muscles and decrease pain. I’ve been going for two months and instead of every day feeling the burn and having a heavy head, I’m almost normal. I have better range of motion and am almost ready to graduate. Since I have been in pain for so long, I knew it wasn’t going to be a quick fix, but it got better immediately and I am willing to put in the time to get fixed for good. I have just a few more visits to go. On a scale of one to ten, I started at a ‘seven’ and have had many weeks of ‘one’. If you have a nagging pain in the neck, I encourage you to do something about it. It has been a great investment in my health.
~Holly A.~