Safe driving tips for winter.

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Safe Driving Tips for Winter….. I know it’s an interesting situation. Here in drought-ridden California, we are having ourselves a winter, and I know a lot of you are going to want to get out there and see it. Here are some safe driving tips for winter that I hope may help avoid some uncomfortable situations.

First and foremost, maintain your car. Some less obvious things that should be in proper working order are:

Your battery and charging system. Cold weather reduces the effectiveness of your battery. The temperatures can in fact reduce the charge and cause the rate your car turns over to be diminished. If you can’t get it started you will surely have a less enjoyable trip.

Your cooling system needs to be up to snuff. What…. Cooling in winter. Yes, there is a thing called anti-freeze that needs to be checked. For a couple of bucks, you can get a thing called a Hydrometer that can tell you the effectiveness of your anti freeze. If you haven’t enough protection, your engine block can in fact freeze which can be an enormous problem.

Pay attention to the weather situation. If you have the option, don’t travel in the height of a storm. Perhaps better to stay home and binge watch Warren Miller movies than head out into the fray.

Keep your gas tank full, you never know when you’ll be stuck off the side of the road and unable to dig yourself out. It may be imperative to run the car occasionally to keep yourself somewhat warm in that sad eventuality. Sometimes in an extreme storm, it can be hours before help arrives so you’ll have to take care of yourself until it does. Run the engine just long enough to stave off the chill and then shut it off to conserve gas.

Keep things like blankets, energy bars, nuts and plenty of water in your car for the above reason. You may be trapped in your car for a spell and its best to be prepared.

If you get stuck, be mindful not to strain yourself if you try self-rescue. Imagine being stuck an injured all at the same time.

If you are stuck, stay with your vehicle unless you can see a more suitable shelter (Like a house, gas station, or store.) Your car will provide a semblance of shelter in a storm.

If you slide off the road, make sure your exhaust pipe is clear of snow before you run your engine. Just like running the car inside a closed garage, you can expose yourself to carbon monoxide poising if you aren’t careful.

Lastly if you are unfortunate enough to be in a winter collision, do get yourself checked out by your Chiropractor. A little early prevention can prevent a minor injury from becoming a more chronic condition.

If you have to travel in the snow, I hope some of these safe driving tips for winter may help you out.

For more information on winter driving, follow this link.

Custom Orthotics Work !

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Patient X Normal Stance

Patient X Normal Stance

People ask me, what do orthotics do…. if you have read other websites, you’d think they do pretty much everything including wash the car and clean out the garage. While I’d agree, many people derive a lot of help from a good pair of custom orthotics, I can’t and don’t promise specific cures for any specific condition.

A mentor of mine once said “Fifty percent of your patients desperately need custom orthotics, the other fifty percent will merely benefit tremendously from having them.” I think there is some truth to the statement.

The purpose of this short ditty is,  to share with you a picture of the mechanical correction achieved on a recent patient. Something I don’t think to do very often.  We all can agree, a picture speaks a thousand words. So without further ado, the pictures please !

If you look at the position of Patients X’s ankles in the “Normal Stance” picture, you can see how they roll in to quite an extreme.

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Can Chiropractic help Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ?

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Can I always help patients with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome ? Not always, the patient has to be willing to do the necessary  homework and be present in the decisions about their care. I can however say I have had many patients scheduled for surgery find out that they don’t need it after a short course of Chiropractic care. Can you imagine being a musician and having pain in the wrist and numbness in your fingers ? The Quote below just one example of a patient with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome who managed to avoid the surgery. This appeared her Facebook page.

Carmen Gettit

Carmen Gettit rips on Guitar

“Hello all, just an update. My carpal tunnel has totally turned around, I have no numbness or pain, and I’ve been like this for months. I spent several months of 3 x/week sessions with Dr. Ed Camp DC. Ed Camp Chiropractic in SF. Dr. Camp used a variety of techniques with me including adjusting, taping, electrical stim, PT exercises for homework, and perhaps most importantly a traction device for the neck and back that I would spend 20 minutes in at every visit. Prior to starting with Dr. Camp, I had a consultation with Dr. Mxxxxxxx as well, he recommended surgery for both CTR and deQuervain’s syndrome surgery which I chose not to have after my success with Dr. Camp’s treatment plan. I also put lighter gauge strings on my guitar. Stretches for the wrists and forearms, Stretches and Strengthening of core and back muscles to counteract the rounding forward of the upper body which happens from poor posture at the computer and while playing guitar, putting pressure on the median nerve. I’m So grateful for Dr. Camp’s positive attitude. He’s had extra training in extremities, and his office is lined with photos of professional athletes he has helped, in addition to some musicians. He’s empathetic & intuitive as well from his years of experience playing many different sports himself, as well as performing. Can’t recommend him more highly.

Insurance Adjuster nails claimant: True Story

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Whatever you think of the insurance industry, I have a story about an insurance adjuster that should send chills down your spine.

A new patient lets call her N/T presented in my office recently having suffered ill effects from an auto accident. Apparently she was driving her mid sized newish car through an intersection when she was broad sided by someone who wasn’t paying any attention at all.

The police arrived at the scene to find her in shock, disoriented and her car totaled. The damage to the car exceeded the 28 K that her car cost. The police at the scene asked if anyone was injured and she replied “I Don’t know” did I mention that this patient is an English as a second language person with a thick accent. She is however able to comprehend English and solidly communicate complex ideas, having lived here for fourteen years.

Two days after the accident She was approached by an insurance adjuster from the company of the person who hit her. She was told that the carrier had accepted liability for the accident in full but that there were stipulations as per how much liability they had.

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Should I stretch ?

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You might be asking yourself, should I stretch or should I not ? And why wouldn’t you ask, life is full of choices, some we can control, others…. well not so much.

What we decide to focus on really is a decision to waffle helplessly worried about that which we cannot change like the sate of America, or, we can focus on things we can control at least with a little discipline such as our health.

Would you rather worry about the state of the union, like who might win the election, insipid billionaire playboy or crooked bitter insider ? Or the state of your body which depending on who does win may matter more than you could imagine. Its these pressing issues that might cause us to ask a more simple question, should I stretch !

Depending on which puffed up buffoon wins this election, your personal health may become even more important to you, so why not make some pro-active decisions now.

A more important debate than our current political debacle would be whether to stretch or well…. Not to stretch. Just like our current political divide, proponents of Stretching are very convinced that its one of the most important things we can do to prepare ourselves for athletic involvement. Those against it are equally convinced that they are correct in their assertions that its not the best idea. Sadly for those of us in the middle there is a plethora of scientific studies that purport to support the opposite ideals. This leaves us with a HUGE question mark as per what do we do. There in lies the question, should I  stretch, yes or no ?

There is no need to throw up our hand in despair and well do the path of least resistance which is nothing, there are factors to consider that may serve to guide us where common sense fails. As Dad used to say, “Son, you have to use your own bullshit meter, if it makes sense to you, it probably works the way you perceive it.” And thank you Dad for that pearl of wisdom, it has served me well thus far in life.

My benchmark of do I or don’t I stretch is this. If you can stand up, and easily flop forward placing your hands on the floor, you probably don’t need to stretch though you may benefit from it none the less. If you are one of the lucky ones aforementioned, it would appear that you are amply flexible without going the extra mile of adopting a regular stretching regimen. On the other hand, if you can’t get your leg to point at the ceiling while lying on your back, um….. no doubt you need to stretch. The point I am trying to make is, there is a percentage of humans who are indeed naturally flexible and the other group who aren’t. Based on my examinations of more than a few patients in my twenty two years of practice, it would seem to me that most of us are NOT that flexible. Yet most of us know who we are and in which camp we fall, and this can be a legitimate guide as to how much stretching we need to do.

From my perspective, stretch or not, getting out there and doing some vigorous exercise is the most important aspect of our maintaining good health. You never know when you’ll need to take off at a sprint to save your life, but believe me, if you haven’t done so in a long time, you may not make it very far.

Bottom line; if you are naturally tight, stop kidding yourself and get busy stretching. Without doing so, you just might hurt yourself if you need a sudden burst of speed to escape an angry protester of some sort or other. You might also find an unpleasant surprise if you engage in some heavy lifting with those tight ham’s or glutes.  So, now that you know….. Should I stretch? I think you need to decide that for yourself.

If you know you are one of the lucky ones who are flexible by nature, by gosh by golly don’t waste that blessing, Should I stretch if I’m flexible already ? Even if you ARE Flexible, it certainly couldn’t hurt you to do some stretching.

Now lets all of us go get out there and get busy. You never know what will come your way if you put that cell phone down and get outside and busy yourself with yourself for a change rather than being a slave to our ever-accessible society.

We can all benefit from some alone time in nature on so many levels.

Hope some of you will find this somewhat inspiring, and thanks again for reading.

Should I take NSAIDs, OTC Pain Medications ?

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OTC Pain Medications, NSAIDs

Is your medicine cabinet filled with NSAIDs or other OTC Pain Medications?

Patients with heart health issues should stay away from NSAIDs, OTC Pain Medications. While heart patients have been told to use Acetaminophen (Tylenol) as opposed to other NSAIDs, OTC Pain Medications, there are far less damaging natural things one could try. And lets face it; Tylenol has its own risk factors including liver damage.

For a more natural approach, consider Tumeric and Bromelain the active ingredient in Pineapple. These natural ingredients have been known to provide anti-inflammatory properties and they may actually have heart health benefits.

There has been at least one study showing that heart bypass patients had a lower risk of heart attack when taking Tumeric than those taking a placebo, and more and more studies are proving Bromelain to be very effective. In fact I just saw an episode of Dr. Oz that was talking about Bromelain in a very favorable light.

Over the counter pain medications have been considered by the general population to be completely safe, and many people take them indefinitely at the dose suggested by the label. That means they are taking NSAIDs, OTC Pain Medications every six to twelve hours daily. At this point, researchers have found that this is not advised. Particularly if you have had a heart attack in the past. Read More

Noninvasive Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

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Foot painPlantar fasciitis is a funny way to describe a painful foot injury. The root of the word is Plantar, which means bottom Fascia the connective tissues between layers of muscle and the word Itis which means a condition of. So what plantar fasciitis REALLY means is…. A nebulous condition of the bottom of the foot.

Plantar fasciitis can strike anyone and is particularly common in people who work on their feet and runners. There are a variety of things that can cause Pantar Fasciitis such as structural issues with the foot, injury, overuse, and wearing shoes without proper support.

How do you know if you have it ? This is a common problem that manifests as pain in the heel, arch, or across the bottom of the foot. Yup, its that simple.

Treatment options
There are a wide variety of conservative treatments available to the patient with Plantar Fasciitis. The question is which one will work for you.

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Cervical Acceleration-Deceleration injury in no damage accidents.

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Whether or not a person can suffer a cervical acceleration-deceleration injury/whiplash injury (These days we prefer cervical acceleration-deceleration injury or CAD) has been an area of dispute between medical practitioners, insurance carriers and their accident reconstruction experts for over a decade. Cervical acceleration-deceleration injury claims are very common and as such of interest to the carriers, attorneys and medical community as well.

I must admit I have a slight bias against the accident reconstructionists. This started when I was working as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the workman’s compensation system, I used to field calls from both plaintiffs and defendants asking “Which way do you slant your reports” My response was invariably, “I don’t slant the reports at all, I’m the Joe Friday of the Q.M.E. world, Just the facts Ma’am.” The implication of that question being asked SO many times implies that it is very common for these experts to slant their reports as opposed to reporting the facts but… that’s another article.

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Its summer, don’t forget foot health !

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Custom orthoticsThree tips for summer foot health.

Plan on keeping blisters from forming.

The primary cause of blisters if friction caused by ill fitting shoes, flip flops or sandals. Take care to purchase shoes that actually fit as well as looking good. There is no better recipe for blisters than great looking, ill fitting shoes.

Heat is another factor in blister formation, well ventilated shoe or sock that wick away moisture are very helpful in combating excessive summer foot heat. Lets face it… the hot foot is BAD !

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Governor studies Chiropractic care

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Chiropractic careMany times when I meet a prospective new patient, they are worried about the effectiveness of Chiropractic care. It seems there are more than a few horror stories (and I use the word stories with intent) about people having bad reactions to Chiropractic care, or the idea that once you start Chiropractic care, you can’t stop. I find it really interesting that Oregon’s Governor an MD. has taken the time not only to study the effectiveness of Chiropractic, but to pen a letter extolling its virtues.  The governor of Oregon being an MD. makes the findings about Chiropractic care even more impressive.

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