Jules Broussard ~ Saxophone Virtuoso

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Jules Broussard and Dr. Ed Camp

Jules Broussard and Dr. Ed Camp

I had never been to a Chiropractor before but I knew Dr. Camp because he comes to our shows and likes to dance. One day I woke up with terrible neck pain and it just didn’t go away. I was looking for Dr. Camp at our shows but for about a month he didn’t come which was unusual. When I finally saw him I made an appointment that night. He got me in the next day and after one visit I felt almost normal. I saw him again and mentioned my shoulder had been hurting me most of my life, he took care of that too. I highly recommend Dr. Camp and if I ever have problems like this again, I know just where to go.

Jules Broussard

Jules Broussard was born in Louisiana and started his musical career at the age of twelve organizing and playing lead Saxophone around his home town.  After a stint in the US Air Force, he toured the US, Europe and Asia and eventually settled in San Francisco where he has lived for the past thirty years.

He has shared the studio and stage with such luminaries as Ray Charles, Little Esther Phillips, Johnny Otis, Big Mama Thornton, Earl Grant John Handy, Carlos Santana, Boz Skaggs, Steve Miller, Art Garfunkle, Elvin Bishop, Dr. Hook and Van Morrison. He currently plays locally and also tours with Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers.


Jason Voss – Pro Windsurfer US. 8 – Windsurfing Instructor

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Jason Voss - US 8

Jason Voss – US 8

 Jason Voss says, “I met Dr. Camp about ten years ago through two friends of mine. He has really helped me with both maintenance care and my more than a few injuries. I really trust Dr. Camp and he treats more than a few world class windsurfers both in the San Francisco Bay Area and out at the Delta.”
Jason Voss flips his lid for Chiropractic.

Jason Voss flips his lid for Chiropractic.


To learn more about Jason Voss, please go to; JRVwindsurfing.com



Jason Teaches Windsurfing all over the bay area and at Sherman Island in the delta. He also holds annual clinics in Maui. If you have any interest in learning the sport of Windsurfing, or just improving your skill sets, Jason Voss is the guy to help you do it. He teaches both private and small group lessons by appointment only. He can also guide you in equipment purchase and the tuning of your existing gear. You can reach Jason for a consultation or to make an appointment at 321 277 3211. Take a lesson, you’ll be glad you did.

Marlon Sims – MMA Professional

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Marlon Sims3“I found Dr. Camp on Yelp and I’m glad I did. I’ve been to a lot of Chiropractors in the past and he’s the strongest one I’ve met which a guy like me needs. I had an issue with my ribs and after my first visit there was amazing improvement. Do yourself a favor, check him out”
Marlon Sims 1

Toni Dee – Fitness Expert

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Toni Dee“I am a fitness professional and therapist. I have been doing body work, injury prevention and treatment for over 20 years. When I need my body adjusted or have an injury – I only trust the hands of Dr. Camp. He is knows his stuff. He has impeccable standards and knowledge far beyond his credentials. I recommend him to all my clients, friends and family. he is funny too 😉 Dr. Camp is by far the best I’ve seen and I’ve seen many in my 30+ years as an athlete. He is also very personable with a great bedside manner… and integrity.”  ~ Toni Dee ~


  “Dr. Camp made a custom pair of soft orthotics for me about 1 year ago. I workout regularly but have been plagued by back and foot pain.  I taught hi impact step aerobics for years, but could not continue due to the pain in my feet and calves. Since I have been using my new orthotics, I have been able to do step aerobics again without pain! My back problems are non existent. I recommend the use of Dr. Camp’s soft orthotics to anyone who wants to take care of their feet and everything above.” ~ Toni Dee ~

Toni Dee has been teaching group classes in a numerous north bay locations. She has also trained more than her share of fitness professionals and managed the personal training department of the Marin Golds Gym for many years. She does body work and has studied anti-aging methods and is available in Marin either in private or group settings to impart this knowledge to her customers.

To learn more about Toni Dee and the classes she is offering you can contact Toni through her website at:  Tonideefitness.com

Jeff Macke, of Yahoo Finance’s new trading show “Breakout”

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Jeff Macke, star of Yahoo Finance's new trading show, "Breakout"

Jeff Macke, star of Yahoo Finance's new trading show, "Breakout"

“I was going on a golf vacation to Scotland and my shoulder was so bad I was thinking of canceling the trip. One visit with Dr. Camp and I was good to go. I actually was referred to Dr. Camp by a friend and it was a really good referral.”

David S. – USPGA Masters Pro Golfer

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“When I come through San Francisco on tour, I see Dr. Camp at least a few times. I hit my record drive of well over three hundred yards after he worked on me. I can’t say enough about Dr. Camp, he’s a champion in his own right. Not only a great Chiropractor but a really nice guy too.”

Jean S. – Bodybuilder

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Jean S. - BodybuilderJean S. - Bodybuilder

“Dr. Camp is the greatest guy in the world. Thanks for all your help and support.”

Tim M. – Muay Thai Fighter/Instructor

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TimMuzzin“I have been living with chronic back pain for most of my life and in really excruciating pain for the last 10 years. I recently started going to Dr. Camp, I have have been pain free for almost two weeks now. I have a very active life style which involves high impact sports (martial arts training), which I thought I would have to give up, but since I have been going to Dr. Camp, I not only can continue my martial arts training, but I can do it pain free!
What I like about Dr. Camp’s approach is that he does a complete assessment of your mobility and movement and thoroughly understands your condition before treatment. His process is not a quick fix, it’s a long term solution.
He has not only treated the pain, but he has trained me to adjust my posture and has provided me crucial stretching and exercise routines to keep my back strong and pain free.
I never thought I could live a pain free life, but Dr. Camp has made it possible. I highly recommend Dr. Camp to anyone. Don’t just come in for a quick fix, follow the program and you will experience amazing results.”

Tyson Poor – Pro Windsurfer US-22

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Tyson Poor BigTyson Poor, US-22. “I’ve known Dr. Camp for years because of his sponsorship of ABK Boardsports Windsurfing Camps. I met him at ABK in Rio Vista while I was teaching in the summer of 2003 and I’ve trusted him with my injuries ever since. In the 2004 King of the Bay competition I injured my foot, Dr. Camp taped me up and I went on to win it for the third straight year in a row. Thanks Dr. C”


Tyson poor ranked one of the best freestyle windsurfers in the world. He sail’s locally in the Delta and competes world wide. Tyson currently spends a lot of his time between Hood River Oregon where he sails in the Columbia River Gorge and mountain bikes. He is also known to frequesnt Baja California where he teaches windsurfing to enthusiasts from all over the world at  Pro Windsurf La Ventana. You can find more about Tyson Poor and Pro Windsurf on the internet.

Tyson Poor King of the bay

Tyson Poor winning the 2004 King of the Bay Competition


Peter C. – Amature Heavyweight Boxer

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“I was working construction and was up on a scaffolding holding up a large window. I was twisting my back trying to get it into place. I had such sudden pain, I had to go through the window because I couldn’t make it down the scaffold. My wife is a Mammography tech so I tried everything medical including spinal epidural and physical therapy. Pretty much hopeless, I found Dr. Camp on the internet. Two treatments and I was back on the job with minimal pain. I only wish I had found him sooner. It was a miracle for me.”Pete&E