Governor studies Chiropractic care

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Chiropractic careMany times when I meet a prospective new patient, they are worried about the effectiveness of Chiropractic care. It seems there are more than a few horror stories (and I use the word stories with intent) about people having bad reactions to Chiropractic care, or the idea that once you start Chiropractic care, you can’t stop. I find it really interesting that Oregon’s Governor an MD. has taken the time not only to study the effectiveness of Chiropractic, but to pen a letter extolling its virtues.  The governor of Oregon being an MD. makes the findings about Chiropractic care even more impressive.

This is a VERY interesting letter to those of us who want to be in the know.

The governors office in Oregon conducts a seven year study of Chiropractic and its efficacy in treating low back pain.   The office of the Governor posted the results following the study in August of 2014 so… at the time I am posting this, it is current and noteworthy.

As the state of California has made it more and more difficult to choose Chiropractic care for workmen’s compensation claims, and has systematically reduced the fees paid for said services, Oregon has discovered the benefits of Chiropractic for its citizens and actually made it a point of record that Chiropractic care is safe, effective, and treatment costs are reduced compared to traditional management of the conditions that Chiropractors treat.

To read the Governors  proclamation click here, I think you will find it interesting. Governor’s Proclamation