Toni Dee – Fitness Expert

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Toni Dee“I am a fitness professional and therapist. I have been doing body work, injury prevention and treatment for over 20 years. When I need my body adjusted or have an injury – I only trust the hands of Dr. Camp. He is knows his stuff. He has impeccable standards and knowledge far beyond his credentials. I recommend him to all my clients, friends and family. he is funny too 😉 Dr. Camp is by far the best I’ve seen and I’ve seen many in my 30+ years as an athlete. He is also very personable with a great bedside manner… and integrity.”  ~ Toni Dee ~


  “Dr. Camp made a custom pair of soft orthotics for me about 1 year ago. I workout regularly but have been plagued by back and foot pain.  I taught hi impact step aerobics for years, but could not continue due to the pain in my feet and calves. Since I have been using my new orthotics, I have been able to do step aerobics again without pain! My back problems are non existent. I recommend the use of Dr. Camp’s soft orthotics to anyone who wants to take care of their feet and everything above.” ~ Toni Dee ~

Toni Dee has been teaching group classes in a numerous north bay locations. She has also trained more than her share of fitness professionals and managed the personal training department of the Marin Golds Gym for many years. She does body work and has studied anti-aging methods and is available in Marin either in private or group settings to impart this knowledge to her customers.

To learn more about Toni Dee and the classes she is offering you can contact Toni through her website at:

Jean S. – Bodybuilder

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Jean S. - BodybuilderJean S. - Bodybuilder

“Dr. Camp is the greatest guy in the world. Thanks for all your help and support.”