Computer Ergonomics: The Truth About Raising Your Computer Monitor

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Computer ergonomics are incredibly important to your health and work productivity. Ergonomics experts have long said keep the top of your screen level with your eyes when working on your computer but I firmly disagree. This top of the screen level with the eyes position sets up bad posture that can deleteriously affect the health of you neck and upper back.

Though some argue with me, and I do know why, raise your monitor so that the bottom third of the screen is level with your eyes. This may feel strange when you first do it but you will get used to it quickly. You should actually feel like you are looking up a little which will place your head firmly over your shoulders. Now THAT’s what I call proper computer ergonomics.

The test… Sit up straight in front of your computer as your parents told you to, and have a colleague stand next to you looking at your posture. Then look at your monitor as if you were working. If your colleague sees your head move forward, down or most likely both, you NEED to raise your monitor. Read More

People often ask me…… What do I treat most

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People often ask me: Dr. Camp, what is the most common thing you treat in your office?  What do I treat most, I’d have to say it’s a combo pack of pain in the neck and pain between the shoulder blades.  These are the people who tell me “Doc, I store all my stress in my shoulders.”

These people often present with the “I don’t know what I did…. maybe I just slept funny and woke up with pain.”  They are often the ones who say, “One day I woke up and had this odd pain which got worse and worse for a while, and now it doesn’t seem to get worse, but it also doesn’t seem to be going away.”

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