Summer heat in full swing, what about the sunscreen ?

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Summertime, and the living is….. Warmer ! Don’t forget the sunscreen !!

SuncreenThey say Climate Change isn’t happening,  its supposed to hit one hundred degrees this weekend. Good conditions for a sunburn or worse sunstroke lets not forget the sunscreen.

Getting outdoors this weekend, yes I think so.  Gonna forget the sunscreen ?  Yes more than a few of us.

Not a good idea getting out there without it,  and there are some sunscreen myths  I’d like to bust for ya before you do.

The first one is SPF “Sun protection factor.”  There is no standardization of SPF protection provided by the FDA. What we are all told NEVER go out with less then 30 SPF if you’ll be out more than an hour or so. Do the seventy plus SPF’s help well that’s a point of contention. Lord knows I use it on my face I sure do but oddly the rest of me gets thirty or fifteen and seems to color about the same. Read More

Jason Voss – Pro Windsurfer US. 8 – Windsurfing Instructor

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Jason Voss - US 8

Jason Voss – US 8

 Jason Voss says, “I met Dr. Camp about ten years ago through two friends of mine. He has really helped me with both maintenance care and my more than a few injuries. I really trust Dr. Camp and he treats more than a few world class windsurfers both in the San Francisco Bay Area and out at the Delta.”
Jason Voss flips his lid for Chiropractic.

Jason Voss flips his lid for Chiropractic.


To learn more about Jason Voss, please go to;



Jason Teaches Windsurfing all over the bay area and at Sherman Island in the delta. He also holds annual clinics in Maui. If you have any interest in learning the sport of Windsurfing, or just improving your skill sets, Jason Voss is the guy to help you do it. He teaches both private and small group lessons by appointment only. He can also guide you in equipment purchase and the tuning of your existing gear. You can reach Jason for a consultation or to make an appointment at 321 277 3211. Take a lesson, you’ll be glad you did.

Tyson Poor – Pro Windsurfer US-22

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Tyson Poor BigTyson Poor, US-22. “I’ve known Dr. Camp for years because of his sponsorship of ABK Boardsports Windsurfing Camps. I met him at ABK in Rio Vista while I was teaching in the summer of 2003 and I’ve trusted him with my injuries ever since. In the 2004 King of the Bay competition I injured my foot, Dr. Camp taped me up and I went on to win it for the third straight year in a row. Thanks Dr. C”


Tyson poor ranked one of the best freestyle windsurfers in the world. He sail’s locally in the Delta and competes world wide. Tyson currently spends a lot of his time between Hood River Oregon where he sails in the Columbia River Gorge and mountain bikes. He is also known to frequesnt Baja California where he teaches windsurfing to enthusiasts from all over the world at  Pro Windsurf La Ventana. You can find more about Tyson Poor and Pro Windsurf on the internet.

Tyson Poor King of the bay

Tyson Poor winning the 2004 King of the Bay Competition