Got Pain ? Where Does It Hurt?

Got Pain ? Well then you need to know, Chiropractic can assist patients with lots of conditions the most obvious being neck and back pain as well as Sciatica.

There are many conditions that Chiropractic is also helpful for that are less obvious, things such as pain in the extremities such as ankles, knees, shoulders and feet.

Chiropractic can also play a role in even less obvious things like chronic headaches both tension and classic migraines, TMJ, postural correction and balance issues.

Dr. Camp can also assist you with custom orthotics that have proven to be beneficial to feet, ankles, knees, hips, and low backs. You can find out more about his Custom Orthotics at:  The orthotic Shop of San Francisco

Whatever your health issues, please feel free to call Dr. Camp in his San Francisco office  at 415 922 2225 and ask directly if its possible that Chiropractic can work for you.